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Look at what is around you – visit to Camden

I love visiting places with my camera . Dorothes Lange said ‘A camera is an instrument that helps people to see without a camera’ and this is so true – there are amazing shots to be had every where! I visited Camden last weekend and there was almost too much to look at.Camden street London

So much colour, so many people.

Mad hatter Camden

If you wander a little from the main action there are examples of amazing street art.

Rainy night in Camden Street art
Dan Kitchener

The overall effect is amazing but zoom in close to details and you can see different stories unfolding.



Some of the street art is just so amazingly clever. This piece is an example of work by Otto Schade. Camden is well worth a visit but be aware that Sunday is incredibly busy.

Otto Schade Camden Street art
Otto Schade

2nd January 2015 2/365



‘Art is not what you see it’s what you make others see’ Degas

The end of an era! I love walking around Sheffield taking images of the Street art there – unfortunately one of the squares which had some amazing work has been demolished – only one piece remains – so sad!


The above image has had the filter ‘Lucis Art’ added via Photoshop – this creates an HDR effect without going over the top. It works well on buildings

The same area earlier this year