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23rd February 54/365

A leisurely start to Monday morning with coffee and laptop in front of patio windows – lots of goldfinches this morning – not a spare perch to be seen!

Oh and as you can see from the header that squirrel is still a constant visitor!

JMH_0981aRZ JMH_0995aRZ


6th January 6/365


I’ve not been well today – aches and pains all over – so I worked in the kitchen with my mac on my knee and my camera beside me. I love our garden. This morning there were 4 female pheasants, 2 robins, several great tits, blackbirds, pigeons, a dunnock and obviously THAT squirrel!


To get the  birds in your garden to be brave enough to come and get food which is near your window can take a long time! It took several months but it’s worth it – if you place an old spade handle or watering can next to the food source they will land on this to give you an interesting shot.



5th January 2015 5/365





We are very fortunate to live near an RSPB site so we get lots of birds in our garden including  bullfinches, woodpeckers and sparrowhawks. The photo above shows my ‘nemesis’ we have a running battle as this squirrel constantly eats a lot of the food that we put out for the birds. He is really cheeky and just stares at me when I try to shoo him away!


If you are shooting an animal or bird that moves quickly you will need to use a fast shutter speed or wait patiently until it settles.