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Bird watching

I love the birds in my garden but also love a walk around our local RSPB site. For the first time in ages – it wasn’t raining and it was a cold sunny day. Spent a lovely hour in the garden hide at Old Moor.

There were a group of long tailed tits who are lovely but don’t stay still for very long.

The usual suspects were also there!



I love this Robin one as you can see the wind blowing the branches.


I saw a magpie out of the corner of my eye – it had what looked like some orange paper in its mouth. Unfortunately when I looked it was actually the head of a bullfinch which did really upset me but I suppose nature has to take its course!

I did deliberate about uploading and I apologise if it offends anyone but it is just such a natural shot.




Weeds can be beautiful too

I’m a lover of dead flowers and the texture and lines they contain but I also love weeds! If you find the right light some weeds will give you really abstract images which look amazing when they are printed in a large format. Its about what you see – there is beauty everywhere. These were all taken at RSPB Fairburn Ings today where the light was wonderful.


These three were back lit and spot metered to get the black background and make the most of the light.


This was shot with a macro lens at f2.8 to make the most of the background.

weed bokeh

The bokeh in the background adds to the abstract feel of this shot

Signs of Autumn – my favourite season

A couple of months ago a bought a Canon 100 – 400mm zoom lens with the intention of hoping to improve my bird and wildlife photography. This is a slow process and I maybe get a couple of shots per session which are OK. It’s hard stepping out of your comfort zone but rewarding learning new techniques. We live near RSPB Old Moor and spend time there most days. It’s a wonderful place to visit, for a stroll, to take children or as a serious nature lover and watcher, not to mention a relaxing cafe- highly recommended. The people there are very friendly and there is always someone around to point out an unusual bird or name something if you aren’t sure.

Tommy’s first visit to Old Moor

This morning there was  a slight nip in the air and the first real signs of Autumn. I couldn’t resist slipping back into my comfort zone and photographing plants and berries. The colours are starting to arrive. The beauty in decaying leaves is really breathtaking if you look carefully.

Autumn leaf lace pattern
Deacying leaf – beautiful patterns
Autumn colours RSPB
Signs of Autumn at RSPB Old Moor

I did take a couple of nature shots, a robin a dragonfly and the tiny butterfly in the header. I love Autumn and so enjoy watching the leaves turn – isn’t nature wonderful?

Robin in tree dragonfly

Autumn leaves first signs
Autumn colours

RSPB Fairburn Ings

I’ve been a member of the RSPB for a number of years now but have only recently had time to actually visit some of the sites apart from Old Moor which is fortunately within walking distance. Although they all vary in size, type of reserve and wildlife found there – they are without fail, wonderful places to visit. There is something so calming about nature and wandering around with a camera. Today I took photos of ‘common’ birds and butterflies, as well as weeds but they are all beautiful in their own way. (I love the way that the french for weed is ‘Mauvaise herbe’ ). Fairburn Ings is only 20 miles from us and was really easy to find. Staff were friendly and helpful without being pushy. Certainly worth the trip. Worth noting that your RSPB membership allows free access and parking to all RSPB sites. We went to an English Heritage site yesterday and had to pay £20 entrance fee – no comparison really.

PicMonkey Collage

July 17th The Restorative powers of Nature

rz4After a traumatic few weeks we treated ourselves to 2 days ‘off’. Headed for the Yorkshire coast to ‘recharge’. A day at RSPB Bempton Cliffs followed by a night in a boutique hotel in Filey (who knew that such things existed!) – woken by the sound of the sea and seabirds, followed by a day taking flower photos at Burton Agnes Hall. Nature is amazing – I’m learning to relax and switch off again but I feel that it  will take a while. Meanwhile here are a few photos from our visit.



Burton Agnes 1 JMH




8th – 16th June

I haven’t blogged or uploaded any images for a few days even though I have hundreds that need editing! I want to blog about the last few days but can’t yet. We have been through every emotion you can imagine from fear to frustration from tears to gratitude. Mum is still with us but is on ‘End of Life care plan’. She is very ill and veers from lucidity to bizarre ramblings and hallucinations. BUT and its a big but – friends and family are there for all of us. It means so much to know you have the protection and concern of others to cushion you. There are so many people who have helped. Our lives are on hold at the minute and we are coping a day at a time. This afternoon I received a beautiful arrangement of flowers from special friends and then went for a walk to the RSPB with my long suffering and wonderful husband. Who knows what the next few days will bring but I do know I’m lucky in so many ways and that I am fortunate to have such wonderful family and friends x

A random array of images  – everything from Tommy to Northern Rocks x

3 FotorCreated

Capture Tommy went for a cast for his ‘new arm’ last week xx

RZ 2

Walking and taking photographs in the afternoon continues to help. This afternoon we saw a Great Crested Grebe with its young on its back. They look like little aliens.

Eygret 1

12th, 14th & 15th April

Bit of a ‘catch up’ today as yesterday’s post was for the TSA to get the Learning Carnival photographs up!

Sunday was Rosa’s 3rd birthday party


Tuesday was a visit to RSPB Old Moor just for half an hour – the bird of paradise flowers were brought back by Amie from Gran Canaria – very impressed!


RZ 1



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