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3rd – 7th June

Mum continues to be very up and down so this is still a struggle. In an attempt to look at what I have and be grateful for the  positives in my life I have started the #100happydays challenge. It may seem wrong to do this now when mum is still in hospital but I’m struggling and this is my attempt to ‘cling on with my fingernails’ and be positive. I’m using twitter to upload these @janeh271 not all of them will be on here.

Adam brought Tommy to see me this afternoon – I am so lucky to have a wonderful son and gorgeous grandson (as well as a lovely daughter in law but she was working!) RZ 1


19th January 2015 19/365

Joanne H 1 RZJMH_6676RZ





















I spent a lovely couple of hours this morning with Michelle Clarke Stables http://www.mcstables.co.uk/ who as well as being a talented artist is great fun to work with, and Joanne Harris the author. I will admit to being a little nervous working with a ‘famous person’ but Joanne was lovely and so relaxed – thank you both.