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I just love Autumn

I love all of the seasons for different reasons but if pushed I would have to say Autumn was my favourite. The colours can be breathtaking. A single leaf or a whole vista of colour has the power to make you stop in your tracks. A visit to Thorp Perrow in North Yorkshire yesterday was a real tonic. Although it was quite a wet and murky day it didn’t diminish the colours at all. It’s £8.30 for adults but you can spend hours just wandering. There is a halloween trail for children which judging by the squeals and laughter – is a hit with all ages.

Halloween collage
Halloween Trail Thorp Perrow

I took hundreds of photos and have only uploaded  a few here. If you work in schools these can be used freely in the classroom ( a link would be good 🙂 just so that I can see how they are being used.)

Autumn leaves

Camus said ‘Autumn is a second Spring where every leaf is a flower’.

relections of Autumn
Thorp Perrow

The refelections were stunningRZ4




Signs of Autumn – my favourite season

A couple of months ago a bought a Canon 100 – 400mm zoom lens with the intention of hoping to improve my bird and wildlife photography. This is a slow process and I maybe get a couple of shots per session which are OK. It’s hard stepping out of your comfort zone but rewarding learning new techniques. We live near RSPB Old Moor and spend time there most days. It’s a wonderful place to visit, for a stroll, to take children or as a serious nature lover and watcher, not to mention a relaxing cafe- highly recommended. The people there are very friendly and there is always someone around to point out an unusual bird or name something if you aren’t sure.

Tommy’s first visit to Old Moor

This morning there was  a slight nip in the air and the first real signs of Autumn. I couldn’t resist slipping back into my comfort zone and photographing plants and berries. The colours are starting to arrive. The beauty in decaying leaves is really breathtaking if you look carefully.

Autumn leaf lace pattern
Deacying leaf – beautiful patterns
Autumn colours RSPB
Signs of Autumn at RSPB Old Moor

I did take a couple of nature shots, a robin a dragonfly and the tiny butterfly in the header. I love Autumn and so enjoy watching the leaves turn – isn’t nature wonderful?

Robin in tree dragonfly

Autumn leaves first signs
Autumn colours