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18th & 19th February 2015 49 & 50/365


Yesterday was another ‘Tommy Day’. As you can see he is growing up fast. His new walker is an attempt to help my back and keep him happy – he loves it at the minute.

Chiropractor this afternoon! Then some photos of these dried – aka dead hydrangea that I bought at a local garden centre for 29p!


Hydrangea dried 1RZ

Just to prove that I do occasionally have living flowers – these were a gift from a friend yesterday!JMH_0633aRZ



11th January 2015 11/365

Dried 1 signed

After taking photos of the dried hydrangeas I had in the house last week, I found one solitary hydrangea in the garden. It is obviously in a different condition to the ones in the house – no colour left and paper thin petals. Cobwebs if you look closely but so photogenic!


Dry some of your flowers and then photograph them in natural light – when they have no colour you concentrate more on the lines and the form of the flower