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Lensbaby Velvet 56

Following on from my ‘Milestone‘ post earlier this week, my husband has been asking me for ages what I wanted for my birthday. I decided that I wanted to be selfish and have something I wanted rather than needed so after lots of research I decided on a new lens and it arrived this morning! The lensbaby Velvet 56  looks and feels sturdy and allows you to be really creative in producing abstract shots. My first love photography wise (after my grandchildren of course)  is macro shots of flowers (often dead ones 🙂 ).

So although its a cold January day with very little around I’ve been ‘playing today. It’s a fairly steep learning curve and using manual focus needs more concentration but after just a few hours I’m hooked! I need to experiment a bit more but can’t wait for frosty mornings followed by spring flowers






The one below has been edited very quickly with ‘Formulas app’


Jane x


13th July

Extremes of emotion have been woven through the past 7 weeks! As ever, I escape by taking photographs. These ‘arty’ type shots are from the beautiful bouquet which was sent by the wonderful people at Crown House publishers. The flowers were gorgeous but at the time they were at their best – I was not, so didn’t manage any shots. However, I love the texture of flowers which are at this stage so played happily for a couple of hours this afternoon. Thank you to all xGerbera 1 signature JMH_9093 JMH_9101a JMH_9103aflower 3

8th – 10th May


Friday I lead an assembly at Springwell about raising funds for #Kakuma refugee camp – they have decided to do a #4000milechallenge! This is roughly the distance from their school to the camp in Kenya.



Flower quotes I played with flowers from the garden and a ‘jam jar’ yesterday. Tommy stayed overnight – this morning was bath time! xx

RZ3 rz1

5th – 7th May

I’m waiting to go to the dentist so trying to occupy my head! I have  areal phobia about this. I know it’s not sensible or logical but then phobias never are that’s why they are phobias!! I’m bad tempered and have already snapped at my long suffering husband and drunk 3 cups of coffee. I have work to do but can’t concentrate hence messing with photos!

As its election day we’ve walked to our local polling station. This being Barnsley it’s actually someones garage but at least we live in a democracy and can vote.
photo (77)

Yesterday I noticed that the flowers I’d picked from the garden were drooping nicely! You can never actually arrange them as nature itself does. I photographed them on the kitchen windowsill to get the colours from the garden. I called at the local antique centre in the morning and bought a couple of new glass jars – these rae very cheap – they start at 50p but I love adding to my collection of photographic props. I also found an old iSpy wild flowers book! Bargain x

Only an hour to go before the dentist now x



9th January 2015 9/365



Busy day today, hospital and doctors as well as work and Skype calls to sort! BUT I promised I would push myself so spent some time with some dried ( i.e dead) flowers – you get so much texture from these!


To get a white background – use natural light – place your flower in front of a window. Buy a sheet of opaque plastic (£3 Paperchase) and use this as a backdrop – this will allow light in but avoid having your garden itself as the background of the images.

Use spot metering.