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Weeds can be beautiful too

I’m a lover of dead flowers and the texture and lines they contain but I also love weeds! If you find the right light some weeds will give you really abstract images which look amazing when they are printed in a large format. Its about what you see – there is beauty everywhere. These were all taken at RSPB Fairburn Ings today where the light was wonderful.


These three were back lit and spot metered to get the black background and make the most of the light.


This was shot with a macro lens at f2.8 to make the most of the background.

weed bokeh

The bokeh in the background adds to the abstract feel of this shot


12th, 14th & 15th April

Bit of a ‘catch up’ today as yesterday’s post was for the TSA to get the Learning Carnival photographs up!

Sunday was Rosa’s 3rd birthday party


Tuesday was a visit to RSPB Old Moor just for half an hour – the bird of paradise flowers were brought back by Amie from Gran Canaria – very impressed!


RZ 1



You can purchase images from the above site


11th January 2015 11/365

Dried 1 signed

After taking photos of the dried hydrangeas I had in the house last week, I found one solitary hydrangea in the garden. It is obviously in a different condition to the ones in the house – no colour left and paper thin petals. Cobwebs if you look closely but so photogenic!


Dry some of your flowers and then photograph them in natural light – when they have no colour you concentrate more on the lines and the form of the flower