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2nd – 4th May


Dandelions in the garden on SaturdayR 1

2 squareR Raindrops on Sunday



Bluebells wood walk on Monday RZ1


13th April 2015 Barnsley Teaching and Learning Carnival

An amazing day – 450 plus teachers all learning all laughing and enjoying the day! A few images to share x

FotorCreated FotorCreated2 FotorCreated3 FotorCreated4 FotorCreated5 FotorCreated6

On top of this we raised £168 pounds towards a second new classroom at Kakuma refugee camp – if anyone is still interested in giving the link is https://www.justgiving.com/ww-ep 


7th January 2015 7/365


Today’s photo is just an iPhone image. I’ve been into town (Barnsley) to have my hair cut today and so took a quick shot. These type of images are important – if you look at old images of London or American diners etc they are the everyday lives of people that tell us so much now. Who know if we will have market stalls in town centres in a hundred years!


Shoot what you see – photography has so many purposes.