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Looking for the positives

The start of  a new term is always one of mixed emotions. The excitement of new classes, the blank page – the new stationery mixed with the wistfulness of missing family and the slower days of Summer.
For many children school is the one place that they have security. Following our visit to Kakuma refugee camp the first classroom from our fundraising is now built and will open shortly.
Hopefully this is the first of many – we will keep you posted. I’ve been doing some editing today and looking back over my Kakuma photos – these are a few that I haven’t shared before.

JMH_5321a JMH_5322a

This collage is of a workers’ cooperative where the people there were  making bags both from the amazing material you can see here and also the plastic UNCR heavy duty plastic sacking.
The resilience we saw there was second to none. The people were welcoming, friendly, determined, parents and teachers just like us who only wanted the best for their families and children.
Enjoy your first days of term and remember Education  can make such a difference to peoples’ lives x

PicMonkey Collage2


8th – 10th May


Friday I lead an assembly at Springwell about raising funds for #Kakuma refugee camp – they have decided to do a #4000milechallenge! This is roughly the distance from their school to the camp in Kenya.



Flower quotes I played with flowers from the garden and a ‘jam jar’ yesterday. Tommy stayed overnight – this morning was bath time! xx

RZ3 rz1

20th April

I spent the morning doing a ‘photo session’ for a local primary school in their foundation outdoor learning space. The children were delightful. They were happy, polite, friendly and self sufficient. I then spent the afternoon editing images from Kakuma refugee camp where the contrast could not be more marked. – We are all living our lives, due to a total random ‘accident of birth’ and we are the lucky ones. x


JMH_4689 JMH_4700 JMH_4739 JMH_4881a RZ2


30th March 2015

It’s now  just over a week since we returned from Kakuma refugee camp. It’s been a harrowing time due to family circumstances but it has also really made me think. We had Tommy for the day yesterday and despite the challenges that he has to face with his little arm he also has to have an operation on his hips which will result in him being in plaster BUT we are so lucky – he is seen by medical professionals, his care is covered by the NHS, he is surrounded by support. Mum is now in a residential dementia care unit but again, her every need is catered for.

Last week I saw children who didn’t have material possessions, many didn’t have parents around as they had been ‘sent on’ to Kakuma as unaccompanied minors. I did however, see lots of children who were loved, they might have been hungry, dirty and without shoes but there was evidence of real love.


I saw a young teacher sit with a very small child asleep next to him as she was lost and didn’t know how to get back to her mother.


I think that one of the hardest things as a parent or grandparent is to be unable – never unwilling, just desperately unable to provide what your children need. We saw a woman battling the authorities to get her children into a school, we saw a child with ‘my first bag’ which broke my heart as it was torn and dirty but had the words ‘my first bag’ written in felt pen. We saw children begging for water, waiting in line for a cup of watery porridge.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not criticising these parents or the NGOs working with them – far from it – I’m in total awe of their resilience and the love that is show. BUT no one  – should have to live like they do –  it’s cruel. Not to mention those children who are ‘unaccompanied’.

JMH_3179 JMH_3476

It’s impossible to sum up the harsh realities of life in a refugee camp, all that they have is each other and hope. The day to day struggle with everything they have to face is one that is impossible to describe. Imagine if this was your walk to school everyday.

JMH_3871 JMH_3869

I’m not apologising for yet again asking for your support – these people need it. If you can spare just a couple of pounds we can build another classroom – we have £3800 but need £5200 – we will keep working for this and welcome any support. (link to Just giving site below) I’m happy to work with schools, talk in assemblies, send you images – we just need to do something. We aren’t asking for huge donations just a couple of pounds will help. Thank you to all of you who have already supported us. I will have a stall selling postcards and images at The Barnsley Teaching and Learning Festival at Darton College on 13th April so hope to see some of you there.

JMH_3349RZ  https://www.justgiving.com/ww-ep

22nd – 25th March 2015

I have spent the last few days editing and categorising photos from our work in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. All of these images are suitable for use in schools. There will eventually be several folders but I have currently uploaded 170 high res school images and several more in a generic refugee camp folder to dropbox

If you want copies of these images I will send you a link to the dropbox in return for

either a donation to our #classroomchallenge just giving page


 (any amount)  – all money will go directly to build a new classroom.

Or – a commitment from you that your school will undertake some fundraising activities and donate the money to the #classroomchallenge.

If you contact me on here or DM me on twitter @janeh271 I will send you a link – these children deserve a new classroom!

We need to move from this classroom to the one at the bottom.




If you haven’t read Debbie’s blog yet – it explains what we are trying to do and includes more examples of images


You can buy photos from as little as 20p, through to huge posters for your classroom here: