3rd January 3/365

003 summer RZ

Saturday Morning means a trip to the local coffee shop for breakfast. It is lovely, small and friendly and we often meet up with Summer and her brother Roman (and her parents obviously!)

This morning she had passed a swimming exam and was rewarded with an edible star!


If you shoot portraits on an aperture such as f4 you will blur your background and get a bokeh effect (the circles – Japanese for fuzziness)

2nd January 2015 2/365



‘Art is not what you see it’s what you make others see’ Degas

The end of an era! I love walking around Sheffield taking images of the Street art there – unfortunately one of the squares which had some amazing work has been demolished – only one piece remains – so sad!


The above image has had the filter ‘Lucis Art’ added via Photoshop – this creates an HDR effect without going over the top. It works well on buildings

The same area earlier this year


1st January 2015 1/365

‘There are years that ask questions and years that answer’ Zora Neale Hurston Novelist & Anthropologist 1891 – 1960

Happy New Year everyone – here is to a wonderful 2015 and let’s hope we are ready and able for the challenges it brings

Today’s photo has to be Our Tommy who having been born on 1st August – Yorkshire Day is 5 months old.



Tip – black and white is often good for portraits – it concentrates your view on your subject’s eyes. When babies are teething their skin is sometimes a little blotchy and black and white takes that away.

365 project for 2015

Having completed 2 previous 365 projects I failed miserably in 2014. I began with the best of intentions. I even tried ‘restarting’ in various months but to no avail. I think one of my biggest problems was sticking to prompts – I prefer to do my own thing and take a photo of what sums up that day or what captures my eye. It’s all about seeing and being aware. This year I’m doing it differently – I’m just going to post what I like! If you want to follow and join in that’s great but this is just pure self indulgence. I have some exciting trips planned and of course I have my gorgeous grandson Tommy who is a ‘willing’ model so this seemed like an excellent idea to try again! Happy 2015 everyone.