18th January 18/365


Frosty morning – we had a light dusting of snow last night so I went for a stroll.


Think about your composition when taking images!


16th & 17th January 2015 16/365 17/365


A joint post for 16th & 17th as they are all of Tommy – he stayed last night and has discovered the joys of rusks, reading in bed on Saturday morning, watching the birds in the garden and sitting up by himself! I am totally besotted – even at 2am xx

15th January 2015 15/365


As I mentioned in an earlier post, we are fortunate to live near an RSPB site and so have a wonderful range of birds in our garden. Today the Thrush reappeared – haven’t seen these for a while so went upstairs to get my camera and when I returned our Woodpecker, who also hasn’t visited for a while, was feeding on the fat square. A lucky coincidence as I already had my camera – they are very nervy and will fly off if you move too much.


If you are using a zoom lens remember your shutter speed must be at least equal to your focal length – ie if its a 200mm zoom make sure your shutter speed is well above 1/200



11th January 2015 11/365

Dried 1 signed

After taking photos of the dried hydrangeas I had in the house last week, I found one solitary hydrangea in the garden. It is obviously in a different condition to the ones in the house – no colour left and paper thin petals. Cobwebs if you look closely but so photogenic!


Dry some of your flowers and then photograph them in natural light – when they have no colour you concentrate more on the lines and the form of the flower

10th January 2015 10/365

photo 1 (8)













I was fortunate to work with a lovely group of people in Derby yesterday. Above is my friend the amazing Dave Harris @bravehead who is the Managing Director of Independent Thinking (spot the tie)


We were working with WWEPuk (World Wide Education Project UK) http://www.wwep.org.uk/ – I’m fortunate to be going to work in a refugee camp called Kakuma – in NW Kenya in March with my friend Debbie Kidd @debrakidd

I will keep you up to date with our plans as well as photos during the visit (obviously!) hopefully we will set up a separate blog so people can follow our progress.


PS The weather (wind in particular) was awful! The header image is Sheffield Train Station

9th January 2015 9/365



Busy day today, hospital and doctors as well as work and Skype calls to sort! BUT I promised I would push myself so spent some time with some dried ( i.e dead) flowers – you get so much texture from these!


To get a white background – use natural light – place your flower in front of a window. Buy a sheet of opaque plastic (£3 Paperchase) and use this as a backdrop – this will allow light in but avoid having your garden itself as the background of the images.

Use spot metering.



8th January 2015 8/365


Today was a ‘Tommy Day’  (Our grandson) We love having him as he is just such a bundle of love. He was born with a shortened right forearm and no hand on his right arm (although he does have a smiley face on it) due to amniotic band anomaly. You can see from the photo above that he uses his little arm in exactly the same way as his other arm. He can hold and support toys and is learning every day – we are so proud of him! I’m reading lots at the minute about prosthetic hands made from 3D printers. He is due to go back to see the prosthetic dept next month. If you follow this blog then Tommy will feature heavily and you will be able to see his progress

He is much loved.