10th January 2015 10/365

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I was fortunate to work with a lovely group of people in Derby yesterday. Above is my friend the amazing Dave Harris @bravehead who is the Managing Director of Independent Thinking (spot the tie)


We were working with WWEPuk (World Wide Education Project UK) http://www.wwep.org.uk/ – I’m fortunate to be going to work in a refugee camp called Kakuma – in NW Kenya in March with my friend Debbie Kidd @debrakidd

I will keep you up to date with our plans as well as photos during the visit (obviously!) hopefully we will set up a separate blog so people can follow our progress.


PS The weather (wind in particular) was awful! The header image is Sheffield Train Station


9th January 2015 9/365



Busy day today, hospital and doctors as well as work and Skype calls to sort! BUT I promised I would push myself so spent some time with some dried ( i.e dead) flowers – you get so much texture from these!


To get a white background – use natural light – place your flower in front of a window. Buy a sheet of opaque plastic (£3 Paperchase) and use this as a backdrop – this will allow light in but avoid having your garden itself as the background of the images.

Use spot metering.



8th January 2015 8/365


Today was a ‘Tommy Day’  (Our grandson) We love having him as he is just such a bundle of love. He was born with a shortened right forearm and no hand on his right arm (although he does have a smiley face on it) due to amniotic band anomaly. You can see from the photo above that he uses his little arm in exactly the same way as his other arm. He can hold and support toys and is learning every day – we are so proud of him! I’m reading lots at the minute about prosthetic hands made from 3D printers. He is due to go back to see the prosthetic dept next month. If you follow this blog then Tommy will feature heavily and you will be able to see his progress

He is much loved.

7th January 2015 7/365


Today’s photo is just an iPhone image. I’ve been into town (Barnsley) to have my hair cut today and so took a quick shot. These type of images are important – if you look at old images of London or American diners etc they are the everyday lives of people that tell us so much now. Who know if we will have market stalls in town centres in a hundred years!


Shoot what you see – photography has so many purposes.

6th January 6/365


I’ve not been well today – aches and pains all over – so I worked in the kitchen with my mac on my knee and my camera beside me. I love our garden. This morning there were 4 female pheasants, 2 robins, several great tits, blackbirds, pigeons, a dunnock and obviously THAT squirrel!


To get the  birds in your garden to be brave enough to come and get food which is near your window can take a long time! It took several months but it’s worth it – if you place an old spade handle or watering can next to the food source they will land on this to give you an interesting shot.



5th January 2015 5/365





We are very fortunate to live near an RSPB site so we get lots of birds in our garden including  bullfinches, woodpeckers and sparrowhawks. The photo above shows my ‘nemesis’ we have a running battle as this squirrel constantly eats a lot of the food that we put out for the birds. He is really cheeky and just stares at me when I try to shoo him away!


If you are shooting an animal or bird that moves quickly you will need to use a fast shutter speed or wait patiently until it settles.

4th January 4/365




‘Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better – do better’ Maya Angelou’

It’s a beautiful frosty morning in Barnsley! I’ve been for a walk and taken my macro lens. I took 235 photos and am happy with maybe a dozen. I’m learning to be critical and only accept what I am happy with rather that what is ok! It’s subjective I know but I am only going to post images that I’m happy with.


When you find something you want to photograph – take more than one shot, change your angle, your aperture , your shutter speed – you then have  a range to choose from!

3rd January 3/365

003 summer RZ

Saturday Morning means a trip to the local coffee shop for breakfast. It is lovely, small and friendly and we often meet up with Summer and her brother Roman (and her parents obviously!)

This morning she had passed a swimming exam and was rewarded with an edible star!


If you shoot portraits on an aperture such as f4 you will blur your background and get a bokeh effect (the circles – Japanese for fuzziness)

2nd January 2015 2/365



‘Art is not what you see it’s what you make others see’ Degas

The end of an era! I love walking around Sheffield taking images of the Street art there – unfortunately one of the squares which had some amazing work has been demolished – only one piece remains – so sad!


The above image has had the filter ‘Lucis Art’ added via Photoshop – this creates an HDR effect without going over the top. It works well on buildings

The same area earlier this year


1st January 2015 1/365

‘There are years that ask questions and years that answer’ Zora Neale Hurston Novelist & Anthropologist 1891 – 1960

Happy New Year everyone – here is to a wonderful 2015 and let’s hope we are ready and able for the challenges it brings

Today’s photo has to be Our Tommy who having been born on 1st August – Yorkshire Day is 5 months old.



Tip – black and white is often good for portraits – it concentrates your view on your subject’s eyes. When babies are teething their skin is sometimes a little blotchy and black and white takes that away.